My Homebrew Atari 2600 Games

The following are some homebrew Atari 2600 games that I wrote. You can find more info on them, download the bin files, and even play (if you have Java) most of them online by clicking below. If you download the bin files, you can use an Atari 2600 emulator like Stella, JStella, or Z26 to play it. You can also have them burned to cart if you wish. These games were written using batari Basic by Fred "batari" Quimby (pic). Thanks much to Michael, Fred, RT, and everyone else at AtariAge who in one way or another helped me write or provided tools so that I could write these games, as well as those that tested them and provided comments!

Play My Atari 2600 Games Online and Read Stories and Descriptions

Game Roms and Forum Threads

2 Player Adventure (alpha)2padv0.5.bas.binforum
Atar (alpha)atar0.3.basforum
Deep Sea Explorer (alpha)deepseaexplorer0.1.bas.binforum
Delta Force Sniperdeltaforcesniper0.5.bas.binforum
Double-click Draw (alpha)doubleclick.bas.binforum
Insane Painterinsane_painter_0.8.bas.binforum
Happy Bear Smackdowncoloredbearthrowdown_1.2.bas.binforum
Happy Eastereaster_0.3.bas.binforum
Schoolbus (alpha)schoolbus0.1.bas.binforum
Titan Diamondstitan_diamonds_1.2.bas.binforum
Ultimate Indy 500 (alpha)ultindy500_0.8.bas.binforum
UFO Trafficufotraffic1.8.bas.binforum

CX Numbers

I made the following up. Hopefully they don't conflict with any other ones out there.

CX86753090 - insane painter
CX8675310 - schoolbus
CX8675311 - titan diamonds
CX8675312 - delta force sniper
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