Titan Diamonds evolved out of a crumbling playfield demo I wrote. I still like to play this one a good bit. It was featured on www.pdroms.de, noted in forums.acbm.com, and noted in rom hunter's list of homebrews. I'm glad that other people like it like I do!

Download bin: titan_diamonds_1.2.bas.bin
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Click in game area and press F1 to start the game (or F2 to select a game first). Then use the arrow keys and spacebar.

Here is the full list of control keys for JStella, but some of them may be unused by the game.

F1 - reset
F2 - select
F3 - black-and-white mode
F4 - color mode
F5 - left player - amateur mode (difficulty B)
F6 - left player - professional mode (difficulty A)
F7 - right player - amateur mode (difficulty B)
F8 - right player - professional mode (difficulty A)
Arrow keys - left joystick directions
Space bar - left trigger

The Story

In the year 2574 a lot of things have changed. Humans have colonized our solar system and the O81b "flying saucer" is the primary means of getting around town. However, some things don't change, specifically the need for diamonds. In 2574, the largest known diamond in the solar system was found in the moon, Titan. But in the process of trying to mine it, the 2 petaton atomic bomb used was overkill and scattered diamonds across the planet and across the solar system. You are one of the many that have equipped their O81b's with rock blasters and set off to mine for the diamonds. But watch out, the explosion also caused a lot of meteorites! Good luck diamond hunter, and get rich!


* 1-2 players using joysticks (or 1 player using arrow keys in emulator)
* shoot rock in attempt to find diamond
* can shoot opposing player in 2 player mode
* get points by collecting diamonds or if opponent's ship is destroyed
* can select from a variety of maps
* some maps have no gravity
* can bump into other player
* watch out for falling meteorites in gravity levels
* ground quakes when rock is shot
* player landing strip on left for left player or right for right player is safe to land on
* ship goes into varying length self-destruct sequence when damaged

Cart Labels

by Fort Apocalypse using an image from Google Images and Atari 2600 Label Maker courtesy of LabelMaker2600.com
by Fort Apocalypse using Atari 2600 Label Maker
by neotokeo2001
by neotokeo2001
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